Chicago Audubon 2017 Awards Banquet and Annual Members Meeting

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2017

Chicago Audubon Environmental Awards!

 On March 25, Chicago Audubon presented Awards to honor those who have made contributions to conservation, the protection of migratory birds and other wildlife, and have helped to conserve, preserve, and enhance the varied habitats and open spaces of the greater Chicago region. The Awards ceremony took place March 25 at the Silver Stallion Restaurant in Des Plaines. To see a complete list of the categories awarded and their recipients, please go to the March-April issue of the Compass newsletter:  compass_marapr2017 (7).pdf

We Congratulate the Awardees!

From left to right:  Matt Cvetas, John Rogner, Josh Coles, Jeff Skrentny, John Navin, Steve Flexman, Chicago Audubon President Dave Willard, Jill Flexman, Bob Fisher, Kathy Andrews Wright, Henry Griffin, Libby Hill and Josh Engel.     ~ Photo by Heidi Tarasiuk ~